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Mission Statement

Safe Pest Solutions, LLC is a team of highly skilled and professional members who continuously strive to conduct themselves with the highest level of honesty and integrity. We focus on earning our customer's trust and confidence through building relationships and delivering exceptional and consistent services. We will work within the "Safe Pest Solutions, LLC Points of Culture" while earning our clients' trust and confidence through building relationships and delivering exceptional, consistent services.

At SPS, we will protect the health and property of our clients and their families by using state-of-the-art pest solutions. We will continue to be an industry leader by actively participating in local, state, and national pest management associations. Our valuable services will be of the highest quality and will exceed industry standards in order to provide peace of mind to each member of the community that Safe Pest Solutions, LLC touches.

SPS customers are excited to work in cooperation with us to solve their problems at home and at work. They are willing to let us educate them in order to better protect the properties for which they are responsible. Our customers recognize the importance of the services we provide and are themselves an integral part of protecting health and property.

Vision Statement

The vision of Safe Pest Solutions, LLC is to provide eco-friendly pest control to all customers. Before using any pesticides, we will perform a thorough inspection and provide the best methods of controlling our customer's problem the safe way. Once all pest thresholds have been exhausted, pesticides will only be applied as a final resort. When pesticides are required, products are made from the safest natural ingredients and are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

What our customers are saying

"I would definitely recommend Safe Pest Solutions to family or friends and I'm looking forward to my next service". ~K. Thomas

"I was having occasional problems with pesky roaches, one here and one there. But with SPS, I no longer have roaches or anything of the sort anywhere". ~A. Mitchell

"They are the absolute best in customer service, making sure the pest stay away, and the best in following up to make sure our home was protected on schedule. Another outstanding aspect that one would tend to overlook in a world that seems to be habitually late, Safe Pest Solutions, LLC is always on time. They have always been prompt and courteous! In a world of mediocrity, just doing your job seems to pass for excellence, this company passes that and is the standard of excellence for pest control". ~A. Elam

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